In addition to offset printing, we also deal with screen printing. Screen printing is the simplest printing process, but it has unlimited possibilities for materials:

  • paper
  • cardboard
  • cardboard textiles
  • glass
  • metal
  • ceramics
  • plastics

All these materials can be a substrate on which properly selected screen printing inks are applied. The advantage of these paints is their durability, good resistance to abrasion, light, weather conditions and the diversity of species. Screen printing can also be used to refine print surfaces, by applying colorless varnishes that increase aesthetics and gloss, similar to the effects obtained in the foiling process.

We also print on:

  • T-shirts
  • bags
  • caps
  • protective clothing jackets

Depending on the type of fabric, we offer:

  • screen printing - direct transfer printing (plastisol),
  • transferred to the fabric using the thermal method
  • flock - electrostatic application of a textile trim
  • flock transfer printing

Pad printing

 Pad printing allows printing on many types of objects, including complex shapes, made of various materials. We print on items

  • flat
  • spherical
  • soft and hard
  • smooth and porous
  • metal made of glass and porcelain e.g. on mugs, wood, plastic, pens, etc. 

We can print practically all items that can be found in catalogs of advertising articles. Our devices enable production in almost any quantity.